Discussion: Driving Motorcoaches in New York City

Courtland Gee, Motorcoach Operator, Hagey Coach, Inc.
Jeff Reed, Motorcoach Operator, Hagey Coach, Inc.

EightWheels Across America, Podcast Episode #008, features a discussion on driving motorcoaches in New York City. Participants are Jeff Reed, Courtland Gee, and EAA host Bob Bergey, all motorcoach operators for Hagey Coach, Inc., of Souderton, Pennsylvania.

Also included is this week’s “Meet the Driver” — meet Courtland Gee, motorcoach operator for Hagey Coach, Inc. of Souderton, PA, and one of this week’s discussion participants.

3 thoughts on “Discussion: Driving Motorcoaches in New York City”

  1. Was just in the greater NYC area, the widths in the tunnels can be nerve racking as well as the exits and/or entrances to some. Got a parking spot at 8pm on a Saturday for 2 coaches a block from time square. NY wasn’t bad, just pay attention to the signs. Thanks Bob for the podcasts, pictures of some items discussed would be a nice addition. Safe travels

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