EightWheels.com Now Brings You Here

Way back in 2004, I started a website and blog for motorcoach drivers— “EightWheels…On the Road.” It was at eightwheels.com. After more than eight years, in 2012 I mostly abandoned it—I never took it down, as some of the information was (and still is) useful, but my priorities changed, technology changed, and I didn’t continue updating the site.

I still own the EIGHTWHEELS.COM domain, of course, and decided to move everything to this site, which is much more modern, up to date technology-wise, easier to maintain, and supports my podcasting efforts. I can post both podcasts and blogs here (this is a blog article, of course). Many of the older articles at eightwheels.com will be updated and moved to this site over the next few months.

Meanwhile, starting today, you can now reach this site at the old address, if you prefer, which is easier to type if you’re typing it into your web browser. Just type “eightwheels.com” as the URL address (or http://eightwheels.com/) and you’ll be redirected instantly to this site. EightWheels.com or EightWheelsAcrossAmerica.com—your choice—both take you the same place. Here!