Tips for Tour Guides on Motorcoach Tours

Tom Castello, Bloom Charters, Taunton, MA

Episode #11 of the EightWheels Across America podcast features tips for tour guides who conduct tours on motorcoaches. The info should also be useful for motorcoach operators who supplement some of their trips with commentary of their own. Also included is this week’s “Meet the Driver” with Tom Castello of Bloom Charters in Taunton, Massachusetts. 

4 thoughts on “Tips for Tour Guides on Motorcoach Tours”

  1. Air horn noise is TOO loud when using earphones.

    Do the story about what tour guide did so wrong

    • Thanks, Jose, for your feedback! I will soften the air horn a bit on future episodes. As to what the tour guide did wrong, it was basically the opposite of everything I covered in the podcast. That’s what inspired this episode!

  2. These are good suggestions. We have been training and certifying Tour Guides and Tour Managers since 1973. Thanks for reinforcing some of the great points of successful microphone usage, narration and team work between the guide and driver.

    Frank Slater, CEO
    International Guide Academy

    • Thanks, Frank! Great to know about your organization … I wish you did more on the east coast!

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